Building fees and charges are charged under the Building Act 2004. Building infringements are determined by statute and can be found in the Building (Infringement Offences, Fees and Forms) Regulations 2007. The Building Research Association of New Zealand (branz) levy is charge under the Building Research Levies Act 1969. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (mbie) levy is charged under the Building Levy Order 2005.

  Unit Fee ($)
Building Advice
  Application and compliance advice no charge
Building Consent
The following fees are based on standard processing times and number of inspections. The fees may be adjusted should processing times or the number of inspections differ from the standard.
    Install or replace free standing SFBA 295.00
    Install or replace inbuilt SFBA 395.00
  Demolish or relocate (other than exempt building work) 410.00
    Minor works 405.00
    Renovation - plumbing work only with septic tank 780.00
    Minor renovation building only (e.g. carport) 670.00
    Wet area shower 695.00
      Internal renovation   1,975.00
      Addition   2,850.00
      Relocatables   1,450.00
      Repiles   1,020.00
      Minor additions/renovations   2,295.00
      Internal renovation   2,925.00
      Addition   3,700.00
  New Construction
    New garage/workshop (proprietary garages) 710.00
    New farm building, pole shed, or bridge 710.00
    New cowshed 2,650.00
    New small single storey dwelling 4,195.00
    New single storey dwelling greater than 120m2 5,515.00
    New double storey dwelling 6,140.00
    New small commercial/industrial construction 5,515.00
    New large commercial/industrial construction 6,150.00
    Signs and swimming pool fences 295.00
    Accreditation fee per consent application 45.00
    BRANZ Research Levy $1 per $1,000 value or part thereof for project valued at $20,000 or more
    MBIE Levy $2.01 per $1,000 value or part thereof for project valued at $20,444 or more
Other Building Consent Fees
  Project information memorandum 90.00
  Additional or special inspections actual cost
  Periodic swimming pool inspections actual cost based on
hourly rate per officer
  Certificate of acceptance 250.00 + building consent
fee + applicable levies
  Amendment to building consent (plus any additional inspections that may be required) 175.00
  Certificate of public use 240.00
  Certificate of title 20.00
  Section 73 notification - land subject to natural hazards actual cost
  Section 75 certificate - building over two allotments actual cost
  Any additional costs incurred by the Building Consent Authority will be oncharged to the applicant actual cost
  Private BCA lodgement fee 180.00
  Copying Building Records
    For more than 20 pages (copying costs additional) per hour 92.00
  Statistical information (annual) 190.00
  Bond for removal of building (road and footpath) * determined by Council engineer
  * All demolition and/or removals are subject to a cash bond issued pursuant to Section 108 of the Resource Management Act 1991. The amount of the cash bond will be up to the estimated cost of bringing the building up to standard and/or to make good any damages to Council’s infrastructure (e.g. footpath, kerbs and channels, roads etc) after work has been completed. The bond is a performance guarantee in that it is refundable (once the conditions have been met) and it will be released in total when all the remedial work passes inspection by the Building Inspector and, where applicable, roading engineers.
Building Warrant of Fitness and Compliance Schedules
  Compliance Schedules
    New compliance schedule 145.00
    Amendment to compliance schedule 50.00
  Independent Qualified Persons
    Initial registration 400.00
    Renewal of registration 100.00
  Building infringements statutory fee
  Officers Rates
    Administration Officer per hour * 90.00
    Building Officer per hour * 190.00
    Manager per hour * 200.00
    * or part thereof.