Building fees and charges are charged under the Building Act 2004. Building infringements are determined by statute and can be found in the Building (Infringement Offences, Fees and Forms) Regulations 2007. The Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) levy is charge under the Building Research Levies Act 1969. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) levy is charged under the Building Levy Order 2005.

  Unit Fee ($)
Building Advice
  Application and compliance advice no charge

Building Consent Applications


Government Levies

Certain building consent applications must pay government levies in addition to Council's building consent fees below. We collect the levies and pay them to the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The BRANZ levy is $1.00 per $1,000.00 for building work valued at $20,000 including gst or more. The MBIE levy is $1.75 per $1,000.00 for building work valued at $20,444.00 including gst or more.

    Building Research Levy $1.00 per $1,000 value or part thereof for project valued at $20,000 or more
    MBIE Levy $1.75 per $1,000 value or part thereof for project valued at $20,444 or more

Accreditation Fee

All building consent applications must pay a Council accreditation fee, in addition to Council's building consent fees below. To issue building consents, we have to meet certain standards set by the government (accreditation). This fee helps to cover the cost of meeting those requirements (Building Accreditation of Building Consent Authorities Regulations 2006).

    Accreditation fee per consent application 45.00

Building Fees

All our fees are "deposits" unless we identify them as "fixed". This means we may charge additional fees if necessary to cover the actual time involved. Our fees are set at 100% of the average time involved. But, if you have a large or complex building project, you should budget to receive additional fees on top of your deposit.

You'll need to pay all your levies and fees at the time you lodge your application. If we need to charge you additional fees, you'll need to pay those before we can provide you with the approved consent or code compliance certificate.

Building Consent Application Fees
  Demolitions and Removals
    Demolish or relocate off site (other than exempt building work) 441.00
    Install or replace free standing SFBA 330.00
    Install or replace inbuilt SFBA 425.00
  Project Information Memorandum (PIM) 233.00
  Carports, pergolas, sheds, conservatories
    Minor renovation building only (e.g carport) 710.00
  Proprietary garages and pole sheds
    New garage/workshop (proprietary garages) 757.00
    New farm building, pole shed or bridge 757.00
  Signs and swimming pool fences 425.00
  Minor building work
    Minor works 472.00
    Wet area shower 710.00
    Renovation - plumbing work only with septic tank 827.00
  New residential buildings
    New small single storey dwelling less than 120m2 4,395.00
    New single storey dwelling greater than 120m2 5,535.00
    New double storey dwelling 6,295.00
  Residential additions and alterations
    Repiles 1,132.00
    Relocatables 1,607.00
    Internal renovation 1,987.00
    Addition 2,890.00
  New commercial/industrial buildings
    New cowshed 2,875.00
    New small commercial/industrial construction 5,773.00
    New large commercial/industrial construction 6,580.00
  Commercial/industrial additions and renovations
    Minor additions/renovations 2,317.00
    Internal renovation 2,982.00
    Addition 3,742.00
Other Building Consent Application Fees
  Structural or fire engineering review actual cost
  Certificate (record) of title search 23.00
  Building on land subject to natural hazards notice (Section 73) actual cost
  Building over property boundaries certificate (Section 75) actual cost
  Amendment to building consent (plus any additional inspections that may be required) 190.00 + actual cost
  Extension to building consent timeframes (maximum 12 months) no charge
  Certificate of public use 258.00
  Extension to code compliance certificate timeframes no charge
  Additional or special inspections per hour 190.00
Certificate of Acceptance
  Certificate of acceptance application 258.00 + building consent fee + applicable levies
Building Waiver or Modification
  Application for waiver or modification 258.00 + actual cost
Building Warrant of Fitness and Compliance Schedules
  Compliance Schedules
    New compliance schedule 165.00
    Amendment to compliance schedule 70.00
  Independent Qualified Persons
    Initial registration 403.00
    Renewal of registration 118.00
  Building Warrant of Fitness
    BWOF processing (receiving annual building warrant of fitness) 90.00
    Site audit inspections per hour  
Pool Safety Barriers
  Periodic swimming/spa pool safety inspections no charge
  Swimming/spa pool safety re-inspections 118.00
Earthquake Prone Buildings
  Application for extension of time to provide engineering assessment 235.00
  Application for extension of time to complete seismic work - heritage buildings 235.00
  Application for exemption from requirement to carry out seismic work 235.00
Building infringements statutory fee
Building records or information
  Building records or information Charge per Official Information Act requests (see Administration)
  Statistical information (annual) 180.00
Officers Rates
  Administration Officer per hour * 90.00
  Building Officer per hour * 190.00
  Planning Officer per hour * 190.00
  Manager per hour * 200.00
  * or part thereof.