Housing fees are GST exempt.

Note: Subject to Council’s policy that this activity is required to be self-funding, tenants will be charged rental not exceeding 30% of NZ National Superannuation

A minimum period of 12 months will be applied between rental increases for existing tenants.

  Unit Fee ($)


Eketāhuna per week 125.00
Pahiatua per week 140.00
  Ruahine Flats per week 140.00
  Centennial Flats per week 140.00
  One bedroom per week 140.00
  Two bedroom per week 190.00
  Tenant contribution (two bedroom) per week 75.00


Casual rental
Casual rentals will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and charged at the presiding market rental rate.


Rental per week 6.00
It is Council’s practice to charge an additional amount for the carport (in some instances discretion will be applied)