Long Term Plan

 The Council must at all times have a Long Term Plan (LTP) under Section 93(1) of the Local Government Act 2002.

It is required to be adopted before the commencement of the first year to which it relates, and continues in force until the close of the third consecutive year to which it relates. It can be amended any time through the special consultative procedure.

The purpose of the LTP is to:

  • describe the activities of the Council;
  • describe the community outcomes of the Tararua District;
  • provide integrated decision-making and co-ordination of the Council's resources;
  • provide a long term focus for the Council's decisions and activities;
  • provide a basis for accountability of the Council to the community to which it serves; and
  • provide an opportunity for public participation in the decision-making processes on activities to be undertaken by the Council.

Long Term Plan 2021-2031

The Long Term Plan 2021-2031 and the Fees and Charges 2021-2022 were adopted by Council on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

After an extended auditing process the Long Term Plan is available to download below. 

Long Term Plan 2021-31 (7MB pdf)

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Supporting documents are available for download: 


Long Term Plan 2018-2028

The Long Term Plan 2018-2028 and the Fees and Charges 2018-2019 were adopted by Council on Wednesday 27 June 2018.

Tararua District Mayor, Tracey Collis, says it was extremely pleasing to have a united council and a unanimous adoption of the Tararua District’s Long Term Plan.

Councils Chief Executive Blair King acknowledged the clean audit clearance and final management reports by Audit NZ.  These reflect the robust working relationship and transparency with Audit NZ staff, and the excellent project management approach used. 

 Long Term Plan 2018-2028 (2MB pdf)

 Supporting documents available for download:

Long Term Plan 2015-2025

Council has reaffirmed the focus on core infrastructure, economic development and financial prudence, as well as responding to challenges and opportunities for the Tararua District.

This Long Term Plan is the first to be completed under the recent amendments to the Local Government Act. A new Consultation Document was the focus of the consultation process. This contained the options for key decisions that Council wanted to have community feedback on. The process resulted in 224 submissions, a substantial increase from the process for the Long Term Plan 2012-2022.

Many positive developments are happening in the community and business sectors, and the district is more positive than it has been for many years. The challenges will continue of course; our infrastructure networks are constantly being required to meet higher environmental standards, and internal processes need to comply with more auditing and compliance requirements.

The Long Term Plan 2015-2025 was adopted by Council on 24 June 2015.

Long Term Plan 2015-2025 (2MB pdf)

Supporting documents available for download: 

Long Term Plan 2012- 2022

This document is the Long Term Plan of the Tararua District Council, for the period 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2022. The Long Term Plan 2012-2022 was adopted by Council on 27 June 2012.

Long Term Plan 2012-2022 (2MB pdf)

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