Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol Licensing is managed by the Tararua District Council and covers administration and compliance of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, Duty Managers certificates, licenses for premises and venues, as well as complaints about a premises license or operating conditions.

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Legislation and bylaws

Following consultation with the community, the Tararua District Council has adopted a Liquor Control Bylaw (726KB pdf), which came into force on 5 December 2005, with additional areas added on 21 July 2010.

The ban covers parts of Dannevirke (24 hours per day, seven days a week), Pahiatua (24 hours per day, seven days a week) and Akitio (from 12noon on 24 December in any year to 7:00am on 3 January of the following year at all times). Please note that a breach of the alcohol ban area is an offence and an infringement notice ($250) may be issued.

The ban prohibits:

(i) The consumption of liquor in a public place; or

(ii) the bringing of liquor into a public place; or

(iii) the possession of liquor in a public place; or

(iv) in conjunction with a prohibition relating to liquor under paragraphs (i) to (iii), the presence or use of a vehicle in a public place; or

(b) varying existing specified places; or

(c) varying existing specified periods.

Note: These restrictions do not apply to any licensed premises during any period in which the licensee is serving or allowing the consumption of alcohol in any area covered by an on-licence or special licence.

Full details of the rules can be seen in the Liquor Control Bylaw 2005 (726KB pdf).


There are five agencies that are responsible for administering licensing matters, which are as follows. Follow the links below or go to the Agencies page to learn more about each agency.

Forms & information

All forms can be downloaded from the Forms & Fees page, you can also locate all licensing related fees on this page.

Please note, the District Licensing Committee (DLC) meets as and when required to determine contested applications and other duties as set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

For a list of helpful links and resources, please visit the Links & Resources page.

Council contacts

Licensing Inspector
06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110
26 Gordon Street, Dannevirke (physical)
PO Box 115, Dannevirke 4942 (postal)