Dog Pound Fees & Penalties

Dog owners failing to meet the community expectations of responsible dog ownership, may face any one or combination of the following:

  • Pound fees to cover the seizure of their dog, the giving of notice to the owner, the shelter, feeding, and exercise of their dog while in the pound, and the adoption or destruction of their dog if not collected by their owner
  • An infringement (instant) fine
  • A Court imposed penalty
  • The seizure or destruction of their dog

The following table is a summary of penalties:

Description Fees & Charges Fine Maximum Penalty
Impounding fee $92    
At the third and subsequent impounding (within one year of the first impounding) an infringement notice shall be issued, carrying an automatic fine of $200, with a review of ownership status.
Sustenance (food) per day $12    
Unlawfully releasing a dog from shelter or having custody of a dog unlawfully released from shelter.     $3,000
Microchipping (if required) $26    
Destruction of impounded dog $36    

Registration Offences
False statement relating to registration   $750 $3,000
Keeping an unregistered dog Seizure of dog $300 $3,000
Fraudulent attempt to procure replacement label or disc   $500 $3,000
Failure to advise change of ownership or address    $100 $500
Removal or swapping of labels or discs   $500 $3,000
Failure to meet provisions relating to microchipping (from 1st July 2006)   $300 $3,000

Offences Against Dog Control Officers or Dog Rangers
Wilful obstruction of Dog Control Officer or Dog Ranger   $750 $3,000
Failure or refusal to supply information or willfully stating false particulars Seizure of dog $750 $3,000

Uncontrolled Offences
Failure to comply with any bylaw authorised by section 20 of the Dog Control Act 1996. This includes failure to comply with requirements relating to containment, leash, access, removing faeces and licenses to own more than one dog.   $300  
Failure to control or confine dog on owners property (from 1st July 2004) Seizure of dog $200 $3,000
Failure to carry a leash   $100 $500
Failure to keep dog under control Seizure of dog $200 $3,000
Failure to abate noise of a barking dog Seizure of dog $200 $1,500
Dog rushing affecting any person or causing a traffic accident or property damage Seizure of dog   Destruction of dog and $3,000
Dog attacking any person, stock, poultry, domestic animal, or protected wildlife Seizure of dog   Destruction of dog and $3,000
Dog causing serious injury to any person or protected wildlife Seizure of dog   Destruction of dog, $20,000 & 3 years imprisonment

Dangerous Dog Offences
Breach of dangerous dog provisions (other than fraudulent sale or transfer) Destruction of dog   $3,000
Fraudulent sale or transfer of dangerous dog    $500 $3,000
Importation of dogs listed in schedule 4     $3,000
Breach of menacing dog provisions Seizure of dog $300 $3,000
Failure to advise person in charge of dog of dangerous or menacing dog provisions     $500
Failure to produce certificate of dogs destruction     $3,000
Welfare offences, failure to provide adequate food, water, shelter Seizure of dog $300  
Allowing dogs known to be dangerous to be at large unmuzzled $300 $3,000

Disqualified Owner Offences
Breach of disqualified owner provisions Seizure of dog $3,000 & Seizure of dog

Stock Impound Fees and Charges

Description Fees & Charges
Impounding fee (per animal) $60
Daily sustenance (cattle, horse, pigs) $10
Daily sustenance (sheep, goats and other) $7

Other Costs
Stock callout fee $66
Travel (per kilometre) $0.74
Administration (per hour) $100
Advertising Actual cost + 20%
After hours callout fee Actual cost + 20%
Transport of stock to pound Actual cost + 20%
Any other reasonable costs incurred Actual cost + 20%