Dog & Stock Pounds

Council operates a 7 day a week, 24 hours a day ranging service. The Dog and Stock Pound is open by appointment only for releases.


Why do so many dogs end up on the streets or in the Council's pound?

  • Dogs are bought as presents for children, family and friends who are not fully committed to the animals in the first place
  • Parents give in and buy their children a puppy. The children lose interest and the parents do not want the responsibility of looking after it
  • Buying a particular breed of dog without prior research. The dog/pup may shed hair, smell, chase other pets, grow too big and become a handful, bark a lot, need a lot of exercise, be hyperactive or salivate excessively
  • Dogs develop 'incurable' behavioural problems. With patience and professional help the majority of behavioural problems can be overcome in dogs
  • Owners do not have a secure area for the dog and it goes out exploring
  • It gets let out of the house, kennel or chain for a run in the morning or at night, the owners forget about it and the dog wanders off
  • The biggest reason is front gates or doors are left open
  • Dogs are often not fitted with any means of identification so they cannot be traced back to their owners. In some cases this means a dog is needlessly destroyed with tragic loss for the owners

People generally think of a stray dog as being one without a home. A stray is any dog that is not on its owner's property and not accompanied by a person. The Animal Control officer can seize any straying dog and take it to the Council's Dog Pound where the owner must pay a fee before it can be reclaimed.

Animal Control are here to help with any dog that may have become a problem or you are no longer able to look after it for whatever reason, please contact Council for more information.


Council Rangers may impound stock wandering on roads, particularly where there is danger to traffic. There are a number of Council operated stock pounds in the district, but Rangers are also able to temporarily impound stock on any land.

Impounded stock will only be released once the fees have been paid. If the stock is not claimed after 7 days, the Council will sell it. If you think that an animal under your care may be in the pound, please contact Animal Control on 06 374 4080 or email us.