Dannevirke Service Centre Earthquake Strengthening

Project Updates

7 August - 11 September 2019: Waiting on technical reports from consultants.

Project Progress


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Why are we doing this?

This project aims to improve the earthquake rating of this Council-owned building at 26 Gordon Street, and to ensure a safe environment for staff and public.

This building was originally built in 1963 and has been altered several times since. It’s generally a lightweight steel and timber framed structure but it also features heavier masonry walls and brick veneers over timber framing in some areas. The earthquake rating has been assessed by Beca Limited (Beca) as less than 34% of the New Building Standards.

Council has asked Beca for advice on upgrading the building to greater than 34% National Building Standards and to Importance Level (IL) 4, which is the importance level required to use the building after a disaster (say, as a civil defence centre).

The roof also needs attention as the internal guttering fills with debris and causes flooding inside the building.

Initial advice was received in January 2019 and Council has asked Beca for additional detailed advice.

What is proposed?

The parts of the building that require attention are:

  • Masonry block veneer at the north-east corner
  • Partially filled masonry walls in north-south direction
  • Roof on front of the building

Council is waiting on detailed advice before determining the actual work that will be completed.