Pahiatua Town Centre Upgrade

Project Updates

Project Update #4: Countdown to construction for Pahiatua Town Centre (884KB pdf)

Project Update #3: Detailed Design nearing completion (385KB pdf)

Project Update #2: Behind the scenes of the Upgrade... (384KB pdf)

Project Update #1: What’s next for the Upgrade? (386KB pdf)

Project Progress

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Project Timelines

Proposed staging – Underground works (5MB jpg)

Proposed staging – Aboveground works (6MB jpg)

Why are we doing this?

Since 2006, Tararua District Council has been strategically reinvesting in the central business districts (CBDs) – or “town centres” – of the district’s townships to maintain attractiveness and encourage commerce. Town centre upgrades for Dannevirke, Woodville and Eketahuna have been completed and Pahiatua’s upgrade is the fourth phase of Council’s plan to refurbish and improve the CBDs.

The Town Centre Upgrade aims to create a safer, more accessible, attractive and vibrant street environment while future-proofing Pahiatua’s Main Street for growth, development and investment.

What is proposed?

This project consists of three phases:

Phase One: Underground works
September 2019 to September 2020

The underground works include replacing the sewer and water mains on both sides of Main Street, between Duke & Cambridge Streets. There will also be stormwater upgrades to both sides of Main Street.

Phase Two: Aboveground works
July 2020 to July 2021

The aboveground works will transform the Pahiatua town centre into a vibrant and thriving central area that brings a sense of pride to the community and is safe and welcoming for all. Features include:

  • A raised section of the road way in both north and south directions aimed at slowing down the traffic, and with parallel and angled parking
  • Pedestrian crossings on the raised section of roadway to encourage pedestrian movement between the two sides of the commercial area
  • An upgraded median area with large lawns creating flexible, multi-use spaces for play or gatherings, a mix of planting, concrete pavement areas, seating and hard wood decks.

Phase Three: Final touches and plans for the future
July 2021 onwards

The Pahiatua community showed a great deal of enthusiasm during the public consultation, and there were a number of features that the community wanted to see included in the upgrade.

While not all of the features were able to be included in Phases One and Two of the project, they have not fallen off the radar and the Project Team are working with Pahiatua On Track and other community organisations to explore other avenues to achieve the desired outcomes for the community.

What will it look like?

banner 1.jpg

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I’m worried about disruption to my business – who can I talk to about it?

With an upgrade of this size there will undoubtedly be disruptions on Main Street as construction works are carried out. The Project Team are working on ways to minimise disruption as much as possible during the upgrade.

Prior to construction works commencing, an After 5 event will be held in Pahiatua for businesses concerned about the impacts of the upgrade. Details to be confirmed.

Once construction has commenced, there will be a weekly Toolbox Meeting to discuss the works planned for the week ahead and this will be an opportunity for businesses to discuss concerns with the Project Team. Details to be confirmed.

What’s a Toolbox Meeting?

Toolbox Meetings (also known as Pre-start Meetings) are an opportunity to get everyone on the same page about the day’s/week’s upcoming work, to allow for questions and to engage with those directly involved in or impacted by the work.

If you are worried about disruption to your business and would like to speak with someone prior to the After 5 event / Toolbox Meetings (details to be confirmed), you can speak with a member Project Team by calling 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110. You can also email with your contact details and request that a member of the Pahiatua Town Centre Upgrade Project Team get in touch with you.

I want to go up town – where are the works happening and will I be able to get a park?

Construction works will commence on 2 September. Once works have started, every week (likely on a Monday) Council will upload to its website a map that shows where construction is happening that week and where construction is expected to take place the following week.

I have a concern or a complaint – who do I talk to?

If you are have a concern or complaint about this project, you can speak with a member Project Team by calling 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110. You can also email with your contact details and request that a member of the Pahiatua Town Centre Upgrade Project Team get in touch with you.