Vehicle Crossings

If you are planning to install, upgrade or undertake maintenance and improvements to a vehicle crossing in the Tararua District, there are a few things you need to know.

Installation and Maintenance of Vehicle Crossings

An application for the installation or maintenance of a vehicle crossing should be completed and submitted to a Tararua District Council Service Centre. There is an application fee and a refundable deposit payable at the time of application, the deposit will be refunded once the final inspection has been completed and the vehicle crossing has been approved.

If you are building a new house and are applying for a Building Consent, it is strongly recommended that you submit the application for a vehicle crossing at this time to avoid any delays to your project, as well as plan sufficient time to install the vehicle crossing before your building works commence.

As part of the process for approving an application to install or alter a vehicle crossing, you must submit a Corridor Access Request prior to commencing any works. Any contractor or property owner who undertakes works that do not meet the required level of compliance, will be instructed to remove or repair the crossing at the expense of the property owner.

Can I use a Private Contractor?

You can use a private contractor, or you could choose to use Council's contractor under the Tararua Alliance partnership.

If you choose to use a private contractor, they will need to be pre-approved by the Tararua Alliance to ensure that they have the correct experience and qualifications to complete the works for you.

If you choose to use the Council's preferred contractor, you should indicate this on your application and contact the Tararua Alliance to arrange for a site visit to be undertaken (once you have submitted your application and paid the applicable fees).

If you are unsure who to use or who may already be approved, it is recommended that you contact the Tararua Alliance before finalising your project arrangements.

Design of Vehicle Crossings

It is important to choose the right design for your vehicle crossings. Failure to consider the design requirements may mean higher maintenance costs in the future, damage to vehicles and footpaths, or removal of the non-complying vehicle crossing. 

It is important that you discuss design requirements with the Tararua Alliance prior to application, design specifications can also be found in the Tararua District Plan (45MB pdf).