Service Connections

Tararua District Council is responsible for maintaining and installing water, wastewater, and stormwater service connections within the Tararua District.

Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Connections

Where you live will determine whether you need your own infrastructure, or whether you will be connected to the Council's infrastructure network. If you have a service passing by your property, then you are required to use the service provided. In some areas - such as Norsewood and Pongaroa - there are community schemes in place which may prescribe the type of infrastructure you install, or maintain, on your property before connecting to the Council's infrastructure for water and wastewater. 

If you are building a new or significantly altering a dwelling and require connection to a town service you will need to complete an application for a new connection (830KB pdf).  It is strongly recommended that you drop this in and pay the application fee at the time you apply for a building consent, this will ensure that there are no delays.  Once Council has received your application, it will be assessed to check all fields are correctly completed and then processed by the Tararua Alliance.

Tararua District Council does not allow private contractors to work on the district's infrastructure network unless prior approval is granted. Once you receive notification that your application has been approved, you will need to contact the Tararua Alliance (06 374 5341) to arrange for a site visit. A representative from the Tararua Alliance team will undertake an assessment of the works required to connect your property to the Council infrastructure, and a written estimate will then be provided. On return of the acceptance form, the Tararua Alliance will programme the physical works. We endeavour to install the connections within 10–15 working days of receipt of the acceptance form.

Tararua District Council is unable to provide an estimated price for works without a site visit - this is because the cost of civil works varies depending the location and depth of the service near to your property. Once the works have been completed, your property details will be updated.

If your property is not able to connect to Council's infrastructure due to the location, you will need to contact the Council's Duty Building Officer and Horizons Regional Council for information about the requirements for septic waste disposal.

Disconnection of Services

From time to time, it may be necessary for a property owner to disconnect the property services for water, wastewater, or stormwater. The reasons for this request vary, but usually a house has been removed or destroyed by fire and will not be further developed. An application for a disconnection of services (766KB pdf) should be submitted to Council along with the required fee(s). Disconnection will be undertaken by the Tararua Alliance following the process outlined above.

If you are planning to rebuild or relocate another dwelling on the property, in most cases you will be required to renew the infrastructure on your property prior to reconnection to the Council's network. The main reason for this is that Council cannot guarantee the reliability of the pipes on your property and they may no longer meet Council specifications, therefore you will be required to replace these before reconnecting to the Council's infrastructure.

If you would like further information about disconnections, contact the Tararua Alliance on 06 374 5341.

About the Tararua Alliance

The Tararua Alliance is a collaborative working agreement between Tararua District Council and Downer NZ Ltd to maintain and develop the road corridor and stormwater network in the Tararua District.

You can contact the Tararua Alliance on 06 374 5341.