Wastewater Tips

Are You Wastewater-Wise?

Tips to Help You and the Environment

Council would like to encourage residents to protect our local rivers, coastal waters and aquatic life by disposing of hazardous waste responsibly. Do not pour household products such as cleansers, beauty products, medicine, auto fluids, paint, or lawn care products down the drain. Properly dispose of them at your local household hazardous waste facility.

Wastewater treatment facilities are designed to treat organic materials, not hazardous chemicals. If you pour hazardous chemicals down the drain, they might end up in your local rivers and coastal waters.

Dispose of nappies, condoms, and personal hygiene products and excess household grease (meat fats, lard, cooking oil, shortening, butter and margarine etc.) in the rubbish. These materials can clog pipes and could cause raw sewage to overflow in your home or section, or in public areas. Overflows often occur during periods of high rainfall and can result in basement backups, overflows at manholes, or discharges directly into rivers and coastal waters.

Do not pour used motor oil down the drain. Used motor oil can diminish the effectiveness of the treatment process, and might allow contaminants to be discharged. The contaminants could pollute local waterways or harm aquatic life.