Current restrictions

Medium-scale drought

Tararua District recently experienced a critical water shortage following an extended period of drought-like weather.

A medium-scale adverse event (drought) was declared for the Tararua District. Further information can be found here.

The following restrictions are in place:

There are no current water restrictions in the Tararua District. 

To read the latest update on all water supplies in the Tararua District, click here.

Restriction definitions 

Alternate day restrictions means:

Hoses may only be used on alternate days, i.e. houses with even street numbers on even days and houses with odd street numbers on odd days.

Total hosing ban means:

You may not:

  • Use sprinklers
  • Use soak hoses
  • Use irrigation systems
  • Hose of gardens
  • Wash vehicles, buildings or boats

You may:

  • Use buckets and watering cans to water gardens 

Essential use only means:

You may not:

  • Use water anywhere outside (unless is it recycled water/greywater)

You may:

  • Use water for cleaning and cooking
  • Use water to wash clothes and take showers