2010 Election Results

2010 Triennial Election Results
  • ELLIS, Roly
2,943 3,011 3,031
  • LEA, David
1,240 1,295 1,299
  • DAVIDSON, Warren
1,168 1,202 1,206
  • FEYEN, Michael
1,084 1,115 1,125
  • Blank
52 53 56
  • Informal
8 8 8

Roly Ellis is declared elected.



North Tararua Ward (4)
  • ELLIS, Roly *
2,557 2,615 2,632
  • FENEMOR, Keith
2,065 2,107 2,114
  • ROBERTS, David
1,923 1,970 1,978
  • DODUNSKI, Brenda
1,898 1,937 1,949
  • SOUTHGATE, Chris
1,777 1,820 1,827
1,266 1,295 1,305
461 475 479
  • Blank
58 61 61
  • Informal
5 5 5

(* Section 88 of the Local Electoral Act provides that if a person is declared to be elected as the Mayor and that person is also declared to be elected as a Councillor, that person must be treated as having vacated office as a Councillor. As Roly Ellis was elected both as Mayor and as a Councillor, he thus automatically vacates his position as a Councillor in favour of the next highest polling candidate, being Chris Southgate.)

Brenda Dodunski, Keith Fenemor, David Roberts and Chris Southgate are declared elected.


South Tararua Ward (4)
  • DAVIDSON, Warren
1,955 2,026 2,035
  • KELTIE, Bill
1,544 1,607 1,616
  • HULL, Shirley
1,469 1,526 1,539
  • JOHNS, Peter
1,338 1,385 1,396
  • ROGERS, Sonia
1,014 1,062 1,067
  • NATTRASS, Evan
910 943 949
  • JOHANSON, Ivan
863 892 898
  • Blank
64 64 64
  • Informal
4 4 4

Warren Davidson, Shirley Hull, Peter Johns and Bill Keltie are declared elected.


Voter return was 54.8%, being 6,684 voting papers, excluding special votes.

Dannevirke Community Board (Four (4) members required)
There was no election required because the number of candidates for this election was not more than the number of vacancies.

Bob Dresser, Carole Isaacson, Ross MacDonald and Ray Teahan are elected unopposed.


Eketahuna Community Board (Four (4) members required)
There was no election required because the number of candidates for this election was not more than the number of vacancies.

Katrina Dimock, Biddy Fraser-Davies, Diana Eagle and Charlie Death are elected unopposed.

Abby Hemopo
Electoral Officer
Tararua District Council


Note the different types of results and when they are expected to be available:

Progress Results


Not all Ordinary Votes have been counted yet.
These will start to become available on Saturday 9th October, from 3pm onwards, per Council, as reconciliations and Quality Assurance checks are completed. Results could change.


Preliminary Results


All Ordinary Voting papers have been received and counted, but not all Special Votes.
These begin to be announced on Sunday, 10th October, for each Council throughout the day as we receive the last ordinary voting papers that were given directly to Councils prior to the close of voting. Results could change.


Official Results


All Ordinary and Special Votes have been counted.
These are released throughout the week commencing Monday, 11th October, as special votes are confirmed. Results are final.


Nominations for the 2010 Triennial Elections were received from:

Mayor Councillor - North Ward Councillor - South Ward Dannevirke Community Board Eketahuna Community Board
Roly Ellis Roly Ellis Ivan Johanson Carole Isaacson Katrina Dimock
David Lea Chris Southgate Bill Keltie Bob Dresser Biddy Fraser-Davies
Michael Feyen Keith Fenemor Sonia Rogers Ross MacDonald Diana Eagle
Warren Davidson Claudia Budd-Nicholson Evan Nattrass Ray Teahan Charlie Death
Brenda Dodunski Shirley Hull
David Roberts Warren Davidson
Ernie Christison Peter Johns