Dannevirke Reservoir Update

Since July of this year, after leakage from Dannevirke’s impounded supply was identified, Council staff and suppliers have been carrying out inspections and repairs.

While this work was being completed, Council had to stop filling the impounded supply with the purpose of confirming the height of any leak and reduce further leakage. A damaged section was identified with several splits, this was contributing significantly to the leakage. This section was removed and replaced, and the underlying protective layer was repaired to prevent future damage, before the cover was welded closed. Other areas in the reservoir were also inspected with remotely operated underwater vehicles and physically by opening the impounded supply’s cover liner.

Council have been filling the impounded supply with urgency since repairs were completed and have increased the depth of water from 2 metres to over 5 metres. Council is restricted in the volume of water abstracted from the Tamaki River source – the lower the river flow, the less water Council is allowed to take for Dannevirke’s water supply. At low river flows, we are limited in taking less than what the town typically uses. To enable further filling of the impounded supply in early summer Dannevirke will move to Alternate Evening Restrictions (7pm – 9pm) from 1 December 2021.

Alternate Evening Restrictions (7pm – 9pm). This means hand-held hoses only on alternate evenings between 7pm - 9pm.
Houses with even street numbers on even nights and houses with odd street numbers on odd nights.

  • While Council works hard to manage this, residents can support us by conserving water where they can. The less water used, the more we can store.
  • Make sure your tanks and swimming pools are full. If you are going to be filling a tank or pool for this summer, please do this as soon as possible and in accordance with the restriction level.
  • Find and Fix Leaks. Finding and fixing leaking pipes around the house and your private property helps more then you may think. A single leaking bathroom tap can waste up to 33 litres each day! If you identify leaks on Council’s system, please advise us by calling 06 374 4080 or 06 376 4110.
  • Upgrading your appliances for Christmas. Retailers have the latest in water efficient appliances, meaning you can simply use less water by purchasing one which has an extra star on its water rating label.
  • Rural users; if you’re connected to Council’s water supply system, please use rainwater tanks or other water sources for agricultural purposes wherever possible. We will be monitoring high extraordinary users and actioning excessive usage.

You can find more handy tips and even how to build a Rainwater Collection System here:  www.tararuadc.govt.nz/10wiseways