Pahiatua to increase to alternate day restrictions & water conservation is crucial for the summer period.

Council will be implementing Alternate Day restrictions to the Pahiatua water supply. This decision has been made as a precautionary measure after reviewing the extended forecast, which predicts long dry spells, and as Pahiatua’s water usage has increased over time. These dry periods could reduce the river level below where our infrastructure can take and therefore restrictions have been put in place.

Alternate Day Restrictions

Hand-held hoses only on alternate days, i.e. houses with even street numbers on even days and houses with odd street numbers on odd days.

Please note: Akitio water supply has increased to Total Outdoor Ban restrictions which is an annual water management activity.

This extended forecast also reinforces that water conservation is crucial over the summer months. With the increase in temperatures, Council is already seeing evidence of an increase in water usage to “beat the heat”. While this is expected during periods of hot weather, Council is asking residents to be mindful of their usage, reduce where possible and continue to adhere to the restriction levels in their town.

River levels and reservoirs are stable for now, however with extended dry spells forecast and if water usage trends continue as they are, Council may need to escalate water restrictions to the next level, a Total Outdoor Ban in Dannevirke.

What is the current restriction level for my town?

You can find all information on the current water restriction levels here:

How can I conserve water?

The best way you can conserve water is by being a leak detective. If you notice a leak at home or on your property, being proactive and repairing it fast helps water management a lot. Alternatively, if you notice a leak on council road reserves, make sure to give our friendly customer services team a call and let them know where! We will get round to fixing it right away.

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