Business Advice and Tax Relief

Where to start ? A quick guide for employers following Cyclone Gabrielle
Many businesses are now starting to regroup and pick up the pieces. It can be hard to know where to start. Robyn Young Consultants put some key points together that are concise and helpful.

If you would like anything clarified, you are welcome to reach out to the RYHR team via email or phone (at no cost). We are more than happy to support.

More info: Where to start: a quick guide for employers following Cyclone Gabrielle - Robyn Young Phone: 06 213 7676

Tax Relief
Tax relief may be available if you or your company or trust has been affected by the cyclone. More information can be found here at: Tax relief for emergency events (

IR is prioritising contacts from those affected by the floods and cyclone. If you need to talk to them:

Business Advice and information
If you’ve been affected by the recent extreme weather, there is Business advice and information to help you now and as you recover. Find information on:

  • looking after your employees
  • insurance claims
  • tax, finance and banking
  • building inspections and landlord responsibilities

Extreme weather: Information for businesses -