As a Council, we build infrastructure and provide services that touch the lives of most people everyday, from roads and footpaths to water, libraries and parks.

The Council Outcomes are the 10 year goals for the Council as part of working towards the longer term Vision. The Outcomes are the link between the Vision and the Council activities, providing the focus for the groups of activities and measures in the Long Term Plan.

Council Outcomes for the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan

  1. Efficient Infrastructure
    Highly efficient, fit for purpose and affordable rural and urban infrastructure.
  2. Prosperous Economy
    A strong, growing, prosperous local economy that attracts, welcomes and retains businesses and residents. A district with a clear identity that promotes its lifestyle.
  3. Collaborative Council
    A Council seen as a leader in community partnerships and collaboration to ensure services are delivered in the most effective and affordable way.
  4. Great Lifestyle
    Recreation facilities, heritage and public amenities that support an outstanding lifestyle.
  5. Sustainable Environment
    The District has a natural environment that is protected, preserved and enhanced for present and future generations.