Our Towns

Moving to the country is fast becoming the dream. Tired of high house prices, increasing crime rates and that hectic big city lifestyle? Have you had enough? A Good Life change to Tararua Country offers both peaceful, spacious rural townships and vibrant hubs teaming with events and lifestyle.

Relocate to the Tararua Lifestyle

Though there are many big things that make the Tararua Lifestyle great, it is the little things that happen every day that make the Tararua Lifestyle so enticing.

It's about feeling good when you wake up - even if it is a work day! It's about splurging on the kids - because you can afford to. It's about knowing your kids are safe to ride their bikes home from school. It's about a less hectic drive to and from work and the neighbour handing over some paua after a weekend diving. It's about Saturday's at the beach and Sunday's on the porch.

Isn't it time you made the move to the country lifestyle?