Community Development

Through community development, we aim to support our communities to achieve their desired outcomes.

What does the service deliver?

The community development service is focused on strengthening community connections; building community leadership and fundraising capability; and facilitating community-led development practices that support the projects and priorities of local areas.

Through this activity, council seeks to better understand the needs and wants of our communities, and to connect these aspirations to council decision-making and planning processes (particularly the Annual Plan and Long Term Plan).

Why do we provide the service?

Community development was introduced as a new and growing service in the 2021-31 Long Term Plan, after the reintroduction of the Local Government (Community Well-being) Amendment Act in 2019. Re-introducing the promotion of social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of communities endorsed a focus on community development for councils.

How do we provide the service?

There are three key activities of the community development service - Community-Led Development, Fundraising Support and Community Leadership.

Community Development Newsletter

Welcome to the Tararua District Community Development Newsletter - a digital newsletter dedicated to supporting and inspiring the remarkable individuals and groups driving positive change within our community.

What to Expect

Inside each issue, you'll find a wealth of resources and information to aid your community initiatives:

  • Announcements: Stay up-to-date with important news and updates relevant to our community.
  • Funding Opportunities: Discover avenues for financial support to fuel your projects and endeavors.
  • Training Events: Explore opportunities for personal and professional development through workshops and training sessions.
  • Community Stories: Be inspired by the stories of individuals and groups making a difference in the Tararua District.

Get Involved

We encourage all community champions, volunteers and passionate people to engage with the newsletter content and share their feedback, ideas, and success stories. Together, we can continue to cultivate a thriving district with connected communities.

Stay Connected

Bookmark this page to access future issues of the newsletter or sign up to the mailing list. For inquiries, feedback or contributions, please email our community development team.

Join us as we embark on this journey of community development and collaboration. Together, let's make awesome things happen in the Tararua District!


Community Development Activities