Your Council

Whether you have lived in Tararua all your life, or you have just moved here for a country change, or are here as a visitor, you are likely to come into contact with the Council, either directly or indirectly.

Understanding how Tararua is governed and managed gives you the opportunity to easily find information and, should you wish to, get involved and influence decision-making.

The Council is made up of two key bodies:

  1. Elected members
    • the Council led by the Mayor, which 'governs' our district, setting direction and policies
    • two community boards, and two community committees - which advocate for their local community interests
  2. Corporate organisation (employees) led by the Chief Executive, responsible for day-to-day running of the district's facilities.

Elected members - roles and responsibilities

As a democratically elected body, it is the job of elected members to govern and manage the interests of our district on behalf of everyone who lives here. It is also their responsibility to look after the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of communities, now and in the future.

Organisational roles and responsibilities

From maintaining local parks and reserves, running our libraries, organising community events and managing our rubbish collections, Council staff are responsible for running a varied range of services and facilities on behalf of the district's residents.

Click here to view our Local Governance Statement (60KB pdf)

In any community there are always things to do and improve. Please contact us at any time with your ideas, complaints or feedback. Click here to view our complaints policy (80KB pdf).