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Cyclone Gabrielle has been a significant event, and will have prolonged consequences for affected people and communities and the wider Tararua District. The Recovery work identified, and still being identified,requires sustained coordination and collaboration with Recovery partners, Iwi partners and the community. The recovery structure below oversees and delivers the recovery plan for the Tararua District.

The Recovery Team, led by the Local Recovery Manager,  maintains an overview role and coordinate planning, recovery programme management, monitoring, data, information management and communication and engagement. Over time, the agencies with a mandate to provide services will operate as business as usual, and the Recovery Team will wind down. That time frame is unknown at this stage.

Five workstreams are delivering the Tararua District Recovery work plan:

  • Built Recovery (roads, bridges etc)
  • Social Recovery (wellbeing and connection)
  • Economic Recovery
  • Rural Recovery
  • Natural Recovery (land, rivers, streams etc)

This event has been significant district-wide and will have prolonged consequences for affected communities.

Key Projects

Recovery moving forward

Recovery efforts in the Tararua District are far from over. You can read the medium-long term recovery plan below:

Download the medium - long term plan here

While our team works on the remaining activities outlined in the plan, we are also taking stock of resources and looking at trends to understand where our key focus areas should be moving forward into 2024.

2023 in Review

The past year has been a whirlwind and sometimes we can forget all the progress we have made. To help showcase the large effort put in by the Tararua District Recovery we created a visual recovery timeline you can check out below.

Recovery Timeline

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