Driving into Pahiatua you will be greeted by large tree-lined gardens which split the road into north bound and south bound lanes. These beautiful town gardens occupy land originally set aside for the proposed railway.

It was envisaged that the steam locomotive's progress through the middle of town would raise land prices, attract more people and in doing so, further the prosperity of the new settlement. Such plans and designs were not the work of a Borough Council or urban planning authority, but six private citizens who in 1881 owned all the land that is now Pahiatua.

At the northern end of Pahiatua is the unique sight of the World War II Harvard Plane. This plane has been converted into a children's slide and is one of the many activities in the children's playground.

The rivers around Pahiatua are renowned for containing some of the best brown trout in New Zealand. If hunting is more your style, look no further - wild deer and pigs are lurking around, and the many bush walks are a trampers delight.

Approximately 2kms south of Pahiatua on State Highway 2 is the Polish Memorial which marks the site of the Polish Children's Camp established in 1944. Originally the site of the Pahiatua Racecourse, the site became home to 733 refugee children from Poland until the camp closed in 1952. When the sun is shining on the monument, it casts a shadow which represents a Mother and Child.

Pahiatua is a popular traveller's stop. Picnic in the Main Street gardens or try out one of the cafes or restaurants. Browse the shops and experience our friendly country service.

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