Earthquake-Prone Buildings

The national system for managing earthquake-prone buildings in New Zealand came into effect on 1 July 2017. The system affects owners of earthquake-prone buildings, territorial authorities (local councils), engineers, other building professionals and building users.

You can learn more about the system on the website.

Seismic Assessment Requests: the next step for potentially earthquake-prone buildings

Owners of potentially earthquake-prone commercial and multi-unit residential buildings in the Tararua District will be requested by Tararua District Council to have seismic assessments of their building undertaken, and to provide Council with the assessment reports.

This is a required step in the Council’s implementation of the “new system” for identifying and remediating earthquake-prone buildings, i.e the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016.

Letters to owners of potentially earthquake-prone buildings are being sent in two groups. The first group was sent in February 2022 and the second is being sent in July 2022.

Learn more

There are plenty of resources available to help you learn more about the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016:




  • Recording of 2020 information session:

Contact us

We would encourage you (and your neighbouring owners if the building shares any structural elements) to contact Council’s Building Officers for more information on the next steps and the options available - including how to contact a suitably qualified engineer:

  • Call us on 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110
  • Write to us at PO Box 115, Dannevirke 4942