Eketāhuna Community Board Contacts

Meets on the second Monday of each month (except January) at 10am in the Eketāhuna War Memorial Hall.

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Charlie Death
Address: 756 Nireaha Road, Eketāhuna
Phone: 06 375 8503
Email: deaths@inspire.net.nz

Deputy Chairperson

Steen McGhie
Address: 110 Mangatainoka Valley Road, Eketāhuna
Phone: 06 375 8676
Email: steenautoglas@gmail.com


Denise Clifton
Address: 18 Bridge Street, Eketāhuna
Phone: 022 073 5715
Email: dfmclifton@gmail.com

Terry Carew
Address: 103 Newman Road, Eketāhuna
Phone: 06 375 8686
Email: newmancarew@outlook.com