Community Development and Wellbeing Committee

The Community Development and Wellbeing Committee's role is to determine specific outcomes that need to be met to deliver on the vision and direction of Council related to wellbeing, and set in place the strategies, policies and work programmes to achieve set goals and targets. The Committee also provides collective leadership, advocacy and holistic outcomes that enable the population of the Tararua District to be well, together.

This committee meets on the first Wednesday of every second month, at 1:00pm.

Click here to read the full Terms of Reference (PDF file, 107.1 KB)


  • Councillor Alison Franklin

Deputy Chairperson

  • Councillor Scott Gilmore


  • Mayor Tracey Collis
  • Deputy Mayor Erana Peeti-Webber
  • Councillor Alison Franklin
  • Councillor Kerry Sutherland
  • Councillor Michael Long
  • Councillor Naioma Chase
  • Councillor Peter Johns
  • Councillor Sharon Wards
  • Councillor Steve Wallace