Frequently Asked Questions

A Councillor:

  • participates in strategic and long-term planning for the whole district
  • participates in setting a budget and rates
  • develops policy across a wide range of activities and services
  • represents the district at functions as required
  • reviews and develops bylaws for the district
  • advocates on a wide range of issues
  • coordinates and forms partnerships with other spheres of government and other agencies
  • participates in the appointment and performance review of the chief executive officer
  • acts on all these matters within a legislative and regulatory framework
  • monitors the performance of the council organisation

  • Fill in the online enrolment form on the website
  • Visit a Post Shop and pick up a form
  • Phone free on 0800 36 76 56
  • Text your name and address to free text 3676 and the form will be posted out to you.

You can enrol to vote if:

  • You are 18 years old or older and
  • You are a NZ citizen, or permanent resident, or resident visa holder and
  • You have lived in New Zealand for one year or longer continuously at some point.
  • If you’re still 17 but are turning 18 by 8 October (last date for voting) you can enrol now.

Voting papers should be received by 21 September.

If you do not receive your voting papers, please contact the Deputy Electoral Officer: Email, call 06 374 4080, or visit any of our Customer Service Centres in Dannevirke, Eketāhuna, Pahiatua or Woodville.

DX Mail has been delivering our rates mail for more than seven years. It’s familiar with our residents and provides a great, cost-effective service.

The benefits are cost-saving and enabling votes posted right up until the last day to be counted, as DX Mail will clear all boxes at midday on 8 October.

This is fantastic because in the past people had to bring their vote in to the Council office on the last day if they wanted it to be counted, otherwise they missed out.

DX Mail has a relationship with NZ Post, and pass incorrectly posted mail on to DX Mail.

However, we encourage people to post their voting papers in a DX Mail labelled box or a Tararua District Council labelled box to expedite the process.

There will be voting boxes at each of our Customer Services locations and our libraries.

We will add new voting to this page as we confirm them.

We are aware that postal services are limited for those who live in our villages and rural areas. We will update this page on new locations.

Alternatively, bring your vote with you when you travel to Dannevirke, Eketāhuna, Pahiatua and Woodville.

Yes, but you will need to enrol as a ratepayer elector for the Tararua district.

Download the Ratepayer Roll enrolment form or visit any of our Customer Service locations

Tararua District Council uses the “First Past the Post’ (FPP) electoral system

Under an FPP voting system, the highest polling candidate is elected. So, as an example:

Candidate ‘A’ gets 3,500 votes that equates to 35% of the vote.

Candidate ‘B’ gets 4,500 votes that equates to 45% of the vote.

Candidate ‘C’ gets 2,000 votes that equates to 20% of the vote.

Candidate ‘B’ wins the vote with 45% of the vote.

Special votes are those that are not on the printed electoral roll, or are not taken at a voting place. The voter must also sign a declaration form.

They can include post-in and overseas votes. It also includes prisoners who are on remand and prisoners who have been sentenced to less than three years.

They also include votes by people who have cast their vote from an electorate they are not enrolled in such as people who live in Wellington but own a business in Pahiatua and pay rates here.

People who may not have been able to get to a voting place can include people who have chosen to vote by mail for various reasons including illness keeping them at home or in hospital, or people who can satisfy the returning officer that going to a polling place would cause hardship or serious inconvenience.

People with a physical disability which means they cannot mark their voting paper can also vote using a phone dictation service.

If you are isolating due to COVID-19 you can cast a special vote – email us on

Some people may also not wish to be listed on the roll, and so choose to be entered on the unpublished roll.

If you haven't enrolled by 12 August, or you are on the unlisted electoral roll for personal reasons, you will need to cast a special vote – email us on

You'll need to call us or come in person to Council's Customer Service centre during open hours (weekdays 8am to 5pm) – call on 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110.

Yes, you can authorise someone to assist you, but only if you are:

(a) physically impaired, or;

(b) unable to read or write, or;

(c) not sufficiently familiar with the language used in the voting document to vote without assistance.

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001, you cannot interfere or influence any person as to how they can vote.

Usually community organisations arrange ‘meet the candidate’ sessions.

Contact details for all candidates will be available from Council’s website as they are confirmed. We encourage residents to think about holding a session and have provided some guidelines which you may find useful.

How to hold a candidate meeting

Are you, your whānau and community keen to hear from Tararua’s election candidates? Here are some tips on how to make it happen.

We encourage community groups to consider holding events where you can connect with candidates. Make it an opportunity to share what matters to you.

Planning your candidate meeting

Decide on what you want to achieve and decide on the details – timings, venue, format.

Need help finding a venue? Contact us at

Plan to make your event safe and accessible for all.

Be creative with your format – it doesn’t have to be a traditional debate.

Hosting ideas:

  • an informal meeting (afternoon tea style perhaps)
  • small groups
  • speed dating
  • audience Q&A
  • speeches and kai

Invite all candidates – it's important to have a good spread of candidate voices.

In the invitation outline:

  • how long the event will run for
  • the format you plan to use
  • information about your group

Get the word out:

  • Contact your own networks
  • Advertise as widely as you can
  • Let us know – we will publish the event on the Tararua District Council website and Facebook page

On the day

  • Make sure the location is well signposted
  • Scan the venue for safety and accessibility
  • Be welcoming. Allocate someone to greet guests and candidates
  • Allocate someone to facilitate and introduce the session format and candidates
  • Keep to the format
  • Allow each candidate a fair chance to speak

After your meeting

  • Let people know how it went!
  • Thank the candidates who attended

Any questions, contact us on:

If you can amend it so that your voting intention is clear, then do so and initial the changes. If necessary, we can issue you with a special voting document, but this will require you to complete a declaration.

Contact us at ‘ or ask for the deputy electoral officer on 06 374 4080

You can still cast a special vote.

Contact us at ‘ or ask for the deputy electoral officer on 06 374 4080

We send voting papers out in mid September to those on the electoral roll.

You can check your details on the electoral roll by calling 0800 36 76 56 or visiting Voters on the unpublished roll are sent a letter from the Electoral Commission advising when voting opens and that they can visit or contact Tararua District Council to cast a special vote.