For Voters

Who can vote?

You can enrol to vote if:

  • You are 18 years or older and
  • You are a NZ citizen, permanent resident, or resident visa holder and
  • You have lived in New Zealand for one year or longer continuously at some point

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Why is it important to vote?

Running a district the size of Tararua is not easy, it involves making hard decisions that will not be agreed upon by all members of the community all the time. There will be support an objection to most matters that affect the community.  Voting is, therefore, your opportunity to let the Mayor and elected members know if the community feels they are in good hands and that their needs and interests are being addressed or if they should be doing better.

Elections are the mechanism whereby everyone has the chance to vote for existing or new councillors who are aligned to their outlooks on the district and who they feel will best represent them.  They are also the time where people who think they can represent their community better can step forward and seek election themselves

Who is being elected?

  • Election of the mayor
  • Election of 9 councillors as follows:

- North Tararua Ward (4 councillors)

- South Tararua Ward (4 councillors

- Tamaki-nui-a-Rua Māori Ward (1 councillor)

  • Election of four (4) members of the Dannevirke Community Board
  • Election of four (4) members of the Eketāhuna Community Board
  • Election of one (1) councillor to represent the Tararua General Constituency and one (1) councillor to represent the Raki Māori Constituency (Horizons Regional Council (HRC)*
  • Election of one (1) councillor to represent the Wairarapa Constituency of the Greater Wellington Regional Council (WRC)*
  • Election of six (6) Trustees of the Masterton Community Trust*

* A small part of the Masterton Community Trust area extends into the Tararua District Council. Approximately 50 TDC electors will receive a voting entitlement for this election. If more information on Masterton Community Trust or the HRC and WRC candidates is required please contact our Electoral Officer.

Relevant Documents

Download DOCX file (30.4 KB)
General roll or Māori roll
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Ratepayer Enrolment Form
Download PDF file (135.8 KB)

Accessible Resources

On this page you will find information on enrolling in accessible formats.