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Nominations will open on Friday 15 July 2022 and close at noon on Friday 12 August 2022.

To be eligible to stand for election, a candidate must be:

  • a New Zealand citizen and
  • on the electoral roll (18 years or older) and
  • nominated by two people whose names appear on the electoral roll of the area that a candidate is standing for.

During this period, nomination forms will be available from:

  • our customer service centre
  • by calling the electoral office on 0800 922 822.
  • or downloading the forms below

You will need to pay a $200 deposit.

2022 Local Elections Candidate Briefing

Important  Documents

2022 Candidate Guide
Download PDF file (4.6 MB)
2022 Candidate Handbook
Download PDF file (6.3 MB)
Community Board Nomination Form
Download PDF file (159.3 KB)
Councillor Nomination Form
Download PDF file (160.2 KB)
Hoarding Guidelines
Download DOCX file (10.8 MB)
Mayor Nomination Form
Download PDF file (157.9 KB)
Pre Election Report
Download PDF file (2.8 MB)

Accessible Resources

On this page you will find information on standing as a candidate in accessible formats.


First, you must meet the requirement for voting, then you will need two people to nominate you, using an official nomination form from the council.  You must sign the form agreeing that you wish to stand for election. You must also provide a recent photograph of yourself and a 150 word profile statement.

You must ensure your nomination is handed into a Customer Service Centre from Friday 15 July to no later than 12:00pm (midday) on Friday 12 August 2022.

Yes and no

Yes, but if you are elected for more than one position you must give up all but one position.

No, you cannot stand for a Horizons (regional) position and a Tararua (district or community board) position at the same time.

Yes, you will need to pay a $200 deposit when you submit your application

Your $200 deposit may be refunded if the number of votes you receive is greater than 25 per cent of the lowest successful candidate for that election.

A Councillor:

  • participates in strategic and long-term planning for the whole district
  • participates in setting a budget and rates
  • develops policy across a wide range of activities and services
  • represents the district at functions as required
  • reviews and develops bylaws for the district
  • advocates on a wide range of issues
  • coordinates and forms partnerships with other spheres of government and other agencies
  • participates in the appointment and performance review of the chief executive officer
  • acts on all these matters within a legislative and regulatory framework
  • monitors the performance of the council organisation

Temporary signs for elections are a permitted activity in the Tararua District.

A Tararua District Council Policy on Election Hoardings is being drafted and is not yet ready to publish. Please contact the deputy electoral officer to enquire about the Policy. The Policy may differ from and will take precedence over the Election Hoardings paragraph in the Candidate Handbook and will be published here once voted on.