Working for Council

Applying for positions at Tararua District Council

When you apply for a job with Council, you will increase your chances of being short-listed for the position by:

  • Ensuring you have read and understood the Job Description
  • Know what tasks you would be expected to do
  • Know what sort of behaviour would be expected of you
  • Know who you would report to
  • Know what qualifications (if any) are required
  • Know what knowledge and experience you would be expected to bring to the job
  • Ensuring that you address the Key Result Areas in the Position Description within your application, ie advise the Council, the experience and expertise you have that will enable you to achieve the Key Result Areas of the job.

Required Application Information

To help Council assess your application, we strongly recommend you provide the following as a minimum base of information.

  • Name, address, home phone number and work number if we can contact you at your present employer.
  • E-mail address, if you have one.
  • Details of your education background.
  • Details of your previous employment.
  • If you are not a New Zealand citizen, please provide evidence of your legal entitlement to work in New Zealand.
  • Include the names and contact details of at least two people who could provide work references.

You will need to complete and return the application form. It is also suggested that you submit a letter of application (cover letter) with your CV that highlights the particular strengths and skills that you have and their relevance to the position advertised.

The Recruitment and Selection Process

Step 1: Vacancy advertised.

Step 2: Applications received.

Step 3: Applicants advised that their application has been received.

Step 4: Applications considered by the appointing manager - applicants suitable for an interview are contacted and invited to attend an interview.

Step 5: Shortlisted applicants interviewed - generally by a panel of people including the appointing manager.

Step 6: The best applicant for the job is chosen and offered the position. All unsuccessful applicants are notified.