Draft Public Places Bylaw

Closes: 31 July 2024

Tararua District Council seeks your views on its draft Public Places Bylaw 2024.

The current Public Place Bylaw and Trading in Public Places Bylaw were adopted in 2018 and are now due for review.

The main changes proposed by the Council include:

  • Additional terms are added into the interpretation section, noting that many of these terms currently sit in the Administrative Bylaw, which is likely to be repealed in the future.
  • Adding the term ‘micromobility device’ to be a catch-all phrase for bicycles, skateboards, scooters and any other small, lightweight vehicles (and removing single definitions for bicycles and skateboards).
  • Amalgamating all prohibited activities into one clause (clause 6) for ease of reference.
  • Amalgamating all activities which require approval into one clause (clause 7) for ease of reference.
  • Adding the following prohibitions in public places: (clause 6)
    • Do anything to cause or allow a nuisance to occur.
    • Obstruct, disturb or interfere with any other person in their access, use or enjoyment of that public place.
    • Litter or cause a nuisance by depositing leaflets, fliers, samples or other promotional material.
  • Placing the restrictions on freedom camping and stock control into separate schedules (for the reasons outlined in the introduction section above).
  • Changing the term ‘exposing articles for sale’ to ‘retail display on footpaths’ (clause 14) for clarity and ease of use.
  • Adding a requirement for retail displays that the operator keeps the display clean and tidy at all time (clause 14.2(f)).
  • Adding a requirement for awnings, blinds, umbrellas, sandwich boards and tables that they must be maintained to a good standard at all times (clause 15.1(g)).
  • Adding requirements for alfresco dining on footpaths (clause 16).
  • Simplifying the requirements on mobile traders and hawkers (currently in the Trading in Public Places Bylaw) into one clause which covers all selling and trading of goods and services in public places (clause 17).
  • Adding a requirement that event organisers of events in public places should obtain permission (with exceptions for small scale events etc) (clause 20).
  • Placing the process for obtaining approvals; reviews of approvals; what happens when there is non-compliance; and enforcement matters into the bylaw (most of which is currently found in the Administrative Bylaw).

You can make an online submission here or use the pdf form below to make a submission.

Statement of Proposal
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Proposed Public Places Bylaw
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Report to Committee
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Submission Form
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