Tararua District Plan

Council are undertaking a Review of the District Plan.  

The review of this Plan will be developed in consultation with local communities and interest groups.

District Plan Review 2023/24

Find out more information about the District Plan Review 2023/24

The current Operative District Plan came into effect on 19 August 2019 after Plan Change No. 1, and can be downloaded below:

Operative District Plan
Updated: July 2021
Download PDF file (2.1 MB)
Operative District Plan Appendices
Updated: July 2021
Download PDF file (3.6 MB)

Statutory Acknowledgements

These documents attach to, but are not part of, the Tararua District Plan. They exist for the purpose of providing public information only. They are subject to the provisions of Schedule 1 to the Resource Management Act 1991. The statutory acknowledgement information contained within these documents cannot therefore be submitted upon.

Rangitāne o Manawatu Claims Settlement Act 2016
Download PDF file (1.3 MB)
Rangitāne o Wairarapa and Rangitāne o Tamaki nui-ā-Rua
Download PDF file (1.1 MB)