District Planning

District planning fees are charged under the Resource Management Act 1991. Resource management infringements are
determined by statute and can be found in the Resource Management (Infringement Offences) Regulations 1999.

All our fees are “deposits” unless we identify them as “fixed”. This means we may charge additional fees if necessary to
cover the actual time involved. Our fees are set at 100% of the average time involved, except for notified applications and
plan changes.

District PlanningUnitFee
Planning advice
Pre lodgement advice
 actual cost
(first 30 minutes free)
Pre application meetings
(actual cost based on hourly rate of staff attending meetings)
 actual cost
Planning application fees
Non-notified resource consent applications, designations, and heritage orders
Land use consent  
Deemed boundary activity (provided written approvals have been provided by the
affected parties)
Marginal or temporary activities 350.00
Non-complying with District Plan amenity standards or access standards 1,150.00
All others 1,950.00
Subdivision consent
1–5 lots including the balance lot 1,950.00
6+ lots including the balance lot 2,550.00
Section 226 certificate (separation of title) 1,150.00
Section 223 survey plan approval certificate 350.00
Combined Section 223 survey plan and 224 completion approval certificate* 825.00
Section 224 completion approval certificate (if applied separately from Section
Section 221 consent notice application 350.00
Subdivision Engineering Advice/Inspection/Certification plus travel costhour221.00/hour
Signing of Easement Instruments and other legal documentation 200.00
New or alteration to designation or heritage order 1,430.00
* s223 and s224 engineering approval and inspections will be charged at the hourly officer rate for ‘technical and professional staff from all other units’ as listed in the “Council staff and decision-maker charges” section  
Miscellaneous resource consents
Certificate (record) of title search 31.00
Bond preparation (Section 108A) 1,550.00
Certificate of compliance (Section 139) 1,150.00
Existing use certificate (Section 139A) 1,150.00
Section 128 condition review 1,150.00
Change/cancel consent conditions (Section 127) 1,950.00
Change/cancel consent notice (Section 221) 1,500.00
Extension of time  (Section 125) 1,150.00
Cancel amalgamation condition (Section 241) 550.00
Instrument creating esplanade strip/reserve (Section 235) 750.00
Cancellation of easements (Section 243) 550.00
Miscellaneous approvals
Right of way approval (Section 348) 950.00
Removal of building lines 950.00
Overseas Investment Act certificate 550.00
Other certificates 550.00
District Plan amendments
Private plan change request deposit 20,000.00
Building Act 2008
Section 73 notification - land subject to natural hazard 950.00
Section 75(2) certificate - building over two allotments 950.00
Compliance and monitoring
Per inspectionper hour221.00
Additional inspectionper hour221.00
Travel costkm1.10/km
Designations and Heritage Orders
Section 176A outline plan approval 1,150.00
Waiver for requirement for outline plan 750.00
Application for new designations 10,000.00
Applications to alter existing designations - S181(2) 10,000.00
Applications to alter existing designations - S181(3) 10,000.00
Extensions of Designations 10,000.00
Removal of Designations under S182 1,150.00
Applications for new heritage orders s189 10,000.00
Applications to alter existing heritage orders - s192 ref to s181(2) 10,000.00
Applications to alter existing heritage orders - s192 ref to s181(3) 10,000.00
Removal of Heritage Orders - s196 1,150.00
Notified and Limited Notified Resource Consent Applications
Limited notified application 3,000.00
Public Notification 10,000.00
Objection of Resource Management Act decisions
(extra charge may be incurred in the conduct of the objection)
Resource management infringements statutory fee
Officer and decision-maker rates
Planning Administratorper hour165.00
Planning Officerper hour221.00
Technical and professional Council staffper hour221.00
Managerper hour276.00
External Specialist adviceper houractual cost
Commissionerper houractual cost
Hearing Committee chair and panel membersper houractual cost
Land Information Memorandum 
Standard LIM
(zoned Residential or Settlement as per District Plan)
Non-standard LIM
(zoned Rural, Industrial and Commercial as per District Plan)
Cancellation within 24 hours80% refunded
Cancellation within 48 hours60% refunded
Cancellation after 48 hoursno refund