Earthquake-Prone Buildings: High-Traffic Thoroughfares


On 9 December 2020, Council heard submissions from the public and made a decision on the high-priority thoroughfares.


From 14 September to 19 October 2020, Council was seeking feedback from the public to determine high-traffic thoroughfares (roads and pathways with high vehicular or pedestrian traffic). Our team's will be collating this information and presenting it to Council. Those who indicated they would like their submission heard will be contacted with the hearing date once it is confirmed.

Determining these high-traffic thoroughfares is a required step in council’s responsibility to identify ‘priority buildings’ under the new system for managing earthquake-prone buildings.

For this consultation we developed some material to help understand this complex issue, you will find them below:

If you have questions about the consultation, or anything related earthquake-prone buildings, please email

The consultation has now been completed, but you can still watch our recorded presentation down below.