Super Consultation

In 2022, Council had more decisions to make than ever.

With at least 7 key issues up for discussion, Council was looking at holding several separate consultations. Instead, we chose to pull everything together and run a “Super Consultation” - held over 2 rounds.

“Consultations” are the process that councils use to gather information or advice from their communities. In 2022, your council has a range of decisions to make about how we plan for the future and we want your help. We packaged 11 topics into two rounds of public consultation - also known as the 2022 Super Consultation.

Round 1 of consultation took place in February and gathered community submissions on three key topics - i.e. our strategy for the next 30 years, how we manage and supply water in our district and our plans to develop a Play, Active Recreation and Sport Strategy with our communities.

Round 2 is took place during April and we asked you to share your thoughts on 7 strategies, policies, bylaws and plans

What did we consult on?


  • District Strategy (idea gathering)
  • Water Supply Bylaw
  • Water Tanks
  • Play Active Recreation and Sport (PARS) Strategy

ROUND 2 – 1 APRIL 2022

  • Annual Plan 2022-2023
  • District Strategy
  • Housing Strategy
  • Library Strategy
  • Water Supply Bylaw
  • Dog Control Policy & Bylaw
  • Gambling & Venues Policy

How can I find out more information?

Have a read of our consultation document below which gives a summary of the topics we are asking about. We also highly recommend all the supporting documentation so you can make informed feedback.

Read the Consultation Document

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Can I read some of the feedback?

Social Pinpoint

Head over to our social pinpoint and read some of our previous consultations!

Social Pinpoint


It’s easy really - read the consultation document, read the supporting information and then send your feedback to us.

We have included a submission form on the back pages of the consultation document to make it easy for you to share your views - as well as instructions on how it all works.

There’s still so much more we need to talk about, so we’ll be back in April for Round 2. We’re still confirming the topics for the next round so look out for Super Consultation updates in March.

The current list of topics for Round 2 includes:

  • District Strategy (draft document) - after getting your feedback in Round 1, we’ll be developing a draft District Strategy document and this will be ready for your comments in April.
  • Annual Plan 2022-2023 - we’ll also be coming out with our Annual Plan for the next financial year (i.e. Year 2 of our current Long Term Plan).
  • Animal Control Policy - we’re reviewing our policy for how we deliver animal control in our district and we need your input.

Social Pinpoint is our handy online consultation tool!

It allows us to ask you questions in an engaging way, such as putting it on a map where you can drag a pin to comment about a specific area or put post-it notes on our idea's wall where other members of the community can comment on it.

Head over to the Super Consultation Social Pinpoint.

What Happens Next\

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