District Road Status

The list below displays the status of any affected roads in the Tararua district. Click here or click on the image above to view an interactive map.

For conditions and closure information about State Highways, the Saddle Road and the Pahiatua Track, please visit the NZ Transport Agency website.

Road NameLast Updated
DENMARK ST - Single Lane Only
Monday 23rd July 7:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Roadwork, expect delays.
20 July 2018
Road will be closed Wednesday 25 July from 7am to 5pm due to Culvert upgrade. This will be updated Tuesday 24 July to confirm.
19 July 2018
MAKOMAKO RD - Single Lane Only
Caution required - Down to one Lane - Stop/Go in place
28 June 2018
Road Closed due to dropout between Waione and the top of the hill
21 June 2018
NGAPAERURU RD - Single Lane Only
Road down to one lane due to a slump
14 June 2018
ROUTE 52 - Single Lane Only
Route 52 - Road Open to one lane, caution Required
14 June 2018
MAKAIRO TRACK - Open - Caution
Road Open - Drive with Caution
13 June 2018
BIRCH RD NORTH - Open - Caution
Road open - drive with caution
13 June 2018
SPUR RD - Road Closed
Road closed due to dropout between Waiowaka and Sugarloaf roads
13 June 2018
WAIHI VALLEY RD - Single Lane Only
Road Open Single Lane Between the start of the Seal and Oporae Road - Caution required
13 June 2018
GLENORA RD - Open - Caution
Logging trucks will be operating in the area of these two roads until further notice
12 June 2018
ROUTE 52 - Open - Caution
Route 52 - Road now open to all vehicles from Weber to Wimbledon. Caution Required. Updated 1.6.18. JS
1 June 2018
Ballance Valley Road and Gorge Road are open. There are multiple work sites with speed restrictions in place along the route and delays should be expected.
1 June 2018
ESDAILE RD - Open - Caution
Logging trucks will be operating in the area of these two roads until further notice.
2 March 2018
Quarry is closed and there is no public access from the compulsory stop point near the woolshed
12 February 2018
FRANKLIN RD (A) - Open - Caution
Logging trucks are using this road along with Birch East Road
12 February 2018
BIRCH RD EAST - Open - Caution
Road open - Logging trucks are using this road
12 February 2018

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