If you feel a Long or Strong earthquake: Drop, Cover and Hold. Once the shaking stops, quickly get to a safe location uphill or inland by foot or by bike.

Evacuation Zones

Find out if you or your family live, work and play in a tsunami evacuation zone and what to do after a Long OR Strong earthquake.

Some of our coastal towns are susceptible to Tsunami's and it is important residents are aware of their relevant Tsunami Evacuation Zone top ensure they can get to safety without warning.

Evacuation Zones for Akitio and Herbertville are below:

Do Not Wait for an Official Warning

The first tsunami wave may arrive within 15 and 40 minutes so leave as soon as the shaking stops and go as fast as you can; every step towards safety counts.

Remember to make room for those evacuating behind you. If you are already inland, do not go to the coast to sight-see - it could be fatal.

If you are in any of the tsunami evacuation zones (red, orange or yellow) you need to be ready to self-evacuate following an earthquake.

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