Objecting To An Alcohol Licence Application

You can object to any part of the licensing criteria in section 105 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Objections to the granting of a licence may only be made if the objector has a greater interest than the general public.

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 | New Zealand Legislation

A person with a 'greater interest' could, for example be someone living or working in the same street as the proposed premises, or a member of a board of trustees of a school or marae that is located nearby.

A member of the public who is concerned about the general effects of alcohol in the community but who lives in another part of town and does not have a special interest in the application is unlikely to meet the criterion of having 'greater interest' than the general public.

How Do I Make an Objection?

Your objection must be filed with the District Licensing Committees (DLC) within 15 working days after the first public notice appears in the newspaper. The full postal address of the DLC will be included in the notification.

Your objection must be made in writing and include your full name, address and contact telephone number. Please use the alcohol licence objection form below. You may object only in relation to matters that are able to be considered when granting a licence - the licence criteria.

Application Form | Objection to an Alcohol Licence Application (PDF file, 334.8 KB)

You should clearly set out the reasons for your objection and also state whether or not you wish to appear at any hearing. Your objection is likely to have greater effect if you attend the hearing personally and speak in support of your submission.

You can make an individual objection or participate in a written group submission, nominating one or two representatives to appear and present the objection at the hearing.

Once your objection is received, it becomes a public document and will be made available to the person applying for the licence and other people or organisations outside the DLC.

Alcohol.org.nz | Guide to objecting to a licence to sell or supply alcohol - AL1021 (PDF file, external)