Service Connections

Service connections for the Tararua District 3-waters (water, wastewater, and stormwater) are carried out by Council Approved Contractors. Tararua District Council does not allow private contractors to work on the district's infrastructure network unless prior approval is granted.

The information below will walk you through the application process for either connecting or disconnecting water services.

Applying for a New Connection

Where you live will determine whether you need your own infrastructure, or whether you will be connected to the Council's infrastructure network. If you have a service passing by your property, then you are required to use the service provided.

In some areas - such as Norsewood and Pongaroa - there are community schemes in place which may prescribe the type of infrastructure you install, or maintain, on your property before connecting to the Council's infrastructure for water and wastewater.

*if you live out of the urban water supply area (refer to water bylaw) you cannot connect to the town water supply.

The Application Process

  1. Applicant completes an application form for a service connection and submits it to Tararua District Council (TDC).

    Application Form | Water, Wastewater or Stormwater Connnection

    Please note, you will be required to pay the application fee when submitting the application form.

  2. TDC will process the application before sending it to Tararua Alliance.

  3. Tararua Alliance will approve or decline the application and inform the applicant. If approved, the applicant will be supplied with a list of approved contractors.

  4. Applicant contacts approved contractor(s) for quote(s). Note: Applicants are to pay contractor directly.

  5. Once a quote has been accepted, the approved contractor will schedule a date for works and inform the applicant.

  6. Once works are completed, the job will enter its final phase – a 2-year Warranty Period. Following the 2-year period, a final inspection will be completed to ensure works have continued to meet council requirements. The approved contractor will be liable for any remedial works, if required.

From time to time, it may be necessary for a property owner to disconnect the property services for water, wastewater, or stormwater. The reasons for this request vary, but usually a house has been removed or destroyed by fire and will not be further developed.

An application for a disconnection of services should be submitted to Council along with the required fee(s). Disconnection will be undertaken by the Tararua Alliance following the process outlined above.

Application Form | Water, Wastewater or Stormwater Disconnection

If you are planning to rebuild or relocate another dwelling on the property, in most cases you will be required to renew the infrastructure on your property prior to reconnection to the Council's network. The main reason for this is that Council cannot guarantee the reliability of the pipes on your property and they may no longer meet Council specifications, therefore you will be required to replace these before reconnecting to the Council's infrastructure.

If you would like further information about disconnections, contact the Tararua Alliance on 06 374 5341.

Why can’t I get an estimated price for works without a site visit?

This is because the cost of civil works varies depending the location and depth of the service near to your property. Once the works have been completed, your property details will be updated.

What if my property cannot connect to Council’s infrastructure?

If your property is not able to connect to Council's infrastructure due to the location, contact us and our Customer Services team will record your enquiry and send our team the request on your behalf.