Control of Dogs

Uncontrolled dogs can be a danger to people and other animals. It is the dog owners responsibility to ensure they have control of their dogs at all times.

Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are not acceptable in the Tararua District. If you are subject to a dog attack or witness one, ring Council immediately on 06 374 4080 (North) or 06 376 0110 (South).

More information on the grounds for seizure or destruction can be found in Sections 57-60 of the Dog Control Act 1996.

Dog Control Act 1996 | New Zealand Legislation

Dog Control Policy And Bylaw

The Dog Control Policy's objective is to encourage responsible dog ownership and community awareness to promote an environment where dogs and people can happily and peacefully co-exist.

It details :

  • Obligations of dog owners, boarding and breeding kennels
  • Dogs in public places
  • Dog education
  • Owner classification
  • Classification of dogs (menacing or dangerous)
  • Administration and enforcement powers of council

Policy l Dog Control (PDF File 448 KB)

The Dog Control Bylaw regulates dogs within the Tararua District to minimise danger, distress and nuisance from dogs. It sets out the requirements for the control of dogs in public places, requirements to remove dog faeces from public places (and private land not occupied by the dog owner), and places limitations on the number of dogs that can be kept in different parts of the Tararua District.

Bylaw l The Tararua Dog Control Policy 2022 (PDF File 337 KB)