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Corridor Access

Tararua District Council is required under the Local Government Act 2002 to manage all people working on the road or within road reserve. If you are planning to carry out any work within the road reserve, or activity that may affect traffic, there are a few things you need to know.

As well as the road surface and footpaths, the road network includes all the land between the property boundaries, including the grass verge and shoulder, all of which is known as the transport corridor.

Corridor maintenance activities include:

  • road signs and road markings
  • street and amenity lighting
  • verge maintenance (mowing, weed spraying, overhanging vegetation)
  • street cleaning
  • kerb sweeping and catchpit cleaning
  • maintenance of railway/road level crossing warning devices

Corridor maintenance serves three purposes:

  • to assist road safety by creating a consistent driving environment
  • to improve efficiency of traffic flow and drainage systems
  • to create a tidy and consistent appearance throughout communities and rural areas

We aim to provide an appropriate level of service that achieves these goals for an affordable cost. It is considered to be more cost effective to carry out maintenance routinely, especially in activities such as mowing, weed control, street cleaning and litter collection, rather than respond to problems as they arise.

Any person, or any business, planning to dig up part of the road/berm as part of a project (such as installing a new driveway or laying fibre optic cable) must submit and have approved a Corridor Access Request before work starts.

Applications for a Corridor Access Request should be made at least 20 days prior to works commencing at the site. You must make sure that no works commence until you have received permission to proceed in writing. In most cases, the approval will be emailed back to you in plenty of time before your scheduled works are due to commence.

A Traffic Management Plan must also be submitted for approval.

Corridor Access Requests should be submitted to Council for approval via Submitica.

For the purpose of holding - on any road - any vehicle races or trials, or any processions, carnivals, celebrations, sporting events, or other special events, the Local Authority may, subject to the provisions of these regulations, close the road to ordinary vehicular traffic for a period or series of periods of not more than 12 hours each in any consecutive 24 hours.

Temporary road closures in Tararua District will be advertised in the local newspaper (Bush Telegraph).

If you require a temporary road closure for an event please provide in writing details of the event, dates, times and location along with an approved traffic management plan.

Application Form | Temporary Road Closure (PDF file, 286.6 KB)

All temporary traffic management must be completed in accordance with the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM). This includes the requirement that Traffic Management Plans (TMP) are prepared by a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) and temporary traffic control is carried out by a qualified Traffic Controller.

Code of practice for temporary traffic management (CoPTTM) | Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Traffic Management Plans should be submitted to Council for approval via Submitica.

The Tararua Alliance may be able to advise you of suitable companies to assist with traffic management for events in the Tararua.