Tararua Alliance

The Tararua Alliance is a collaborative working agreement, or partnership, between Tararua District Council and Downer NZ Ltd to manage Council’s transportation activity and water, wastewater, and stormwater reticulation infrastructure.

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The Tararua Alliance and alliance model is looking to see how we can take infrastructure management and service delivery to a new level, improving outcomes for ratepayers and other stakeholders.

Historically, work would go from Tararua District Council, to Tararua Engineering Services, to the Contractor, resulting in duplication of efforts, ineffective use of time and money, and inefficiencies. The Tararua Alliance is based on a single delivery team, essentially cutting out the middle man and rather, working together to deliver “best for asset” and “best for Tararua” decisions.

Staff from both Tararua District Council and Downer NZ Ltd work within the Tararua Alliance as one team, based at the Oringi Business Park.

To ensure accountability and performance, for both organisations, the Tararua Alliance is governed by the Principals Group. The Principals Group contains two senior managers from both organisations, overseeing the comprehensive performance framework, financial mechanism, and key risks.

You can contact the Tararua Alliance on 06 374 5341 or Tararua District Council customer services on 06 374 4080 (North) or 06 376 0110 (South).

Tararua Alliance Activities