Dannevirke Dog Pound - General Upgrades

Tararua District Council is upgrading the floor in the dog pound. This is being done because the current floor is a safety risk due to the degradation of the current floor coating system. Upgrades are also being made to the security system, ventilation, landscaping and water tanks.

This work was identified and budgeted for in Year 1 of the 2021/31 Long Term Plan.

2021-2031 Long Term Plan

This reflooring will be carried out from 22nd to 26th November, with additional time being given for the floor to properly cure.

What happens to the dogs while this work is underway?

There will be minimal disruptance to our dog control service.  If a member of our council team picks up your roaming dog, they will try contact you using the registration details of your furry friend as per normal.


  • Increased safety of dogs and Officers with new floor
  • Eliminates the risk of contamination/spread of disease.
  • Upgraded security system
  • Improved Ventilation
  • Improved Landscaping
  • Upgraded Water Storage

  • Keep them active and stimulated. Give them your attention by going for a walk, run, or playing with them. Ensure boundaries are secure by checking your fences for vulnerabilities and fixing them. Make sure gates and doors are latching properly.
  • Neutering will curb a dog’s urge to search for a mate.
  • Training your dog to have a reliable recall is your best chance at getting them back. Remember to reinforce good behaviour, they’ll eventually learn good things happen if they come when called.