Dog Registration

Registration of any dog is compulsory throughout New Zealand. Dogs must be registered from the age of three months old.

Dog registration is due annually on 1 July and payment will accepted from 1 June. To avoid penalty fees please make sure dog registration has been renewed by 31 July to avoid penalty fees or an infringement notice.

If your dog is registered, you will be sent a re-registration form to the most current postal address you have listed.

The legal age required to register a dog is 16 years old and above.

Please ensure Council is advised of any change of ownership or address and let us know if your dog has passed away, as you may be entitled to a partial refund of the registration fee.

How do I pay for my dog registration?

To pay by internet banking, make your payment to account: 03-0614-0088406-004

Make sure you provide the correct details so we can identify your payment:

  • Particulars: Name
  • Analysis code: "DogID"
  • Reference: owner ID number

You can pay your dog registration in person at any of our Customer Service Centres with Cash or a debit card during opening hours.

Please bring your dog registration notice with you.

Dog Registration Fees

Useful Forms

Refund Application & Deceased Dog Notification - PDF file (247.8 KB)

Three Plus Dogs Permit - Application - PDF file (310.4 KB)

Over-65 Canine Companion Urban Dog Owner - PDF file (235.1 KB)

Blank-Form-Application-for-Preferred-Owner-Status-Fillable.pdf - PDF file (759.0 KB)

Dog Transfer Application - PDF file (91.9 KB)

Blank-Form-Application-to-Register-New-Dogs-2024-2025.pdf - PDF file (103.3 KB)

Your dog registration pays for the Council to monitor and enforce the Dog Control Act 1996 and ensure compliance with local dog control bylaws and policies. Our Animal Control team investigate and respond to all reported dog complaints and incidents.

Dog registration pays for:

  • promoting community safety
  • encouraging responsible dog ownership
  • protecting dog owner's rights to own a dog by dealing with dog related problems
  • providing dog owners with education on dealing with dog related problems
  • dealing with aggressive and roaming dogs
  • dealing with irresponsible owners
  • patrolling public areas
  • running the preferred owner scheme for responsible dog owners
  • responding to dog complaints and animal nuisances
  • maintaining national dog database records
  • maintaining the dog pound. All impounded dogs are given food, water, shelter and exercise.

Owning a dog is a choice by the dog owner. It comes with requirements for registration by Central Government and Council is tasked with the monitoring and enforcement of the Dog Control Act. A small proportion of rates money goes towards the public benefit of  maintaining the control of dogs in the district, but the dog registration fee is required to help cover the costs of the activity.

Whether you pay urban or rural  dog rego fees is based on the council zoning locations which are under the District Plan. If you would like to know if you are in an urban or rural area, please refer to the District Plan Maps which can be found here:

District Plan Maps | Tararua District Council (

If your dog dies you may request a refund in writing, for the remainder of the registration year fee pro rata.

You can get the forms from your nearest Council Service Centre or download the form below:

Application form | Refund Application & Deceased Dog Notification  (759.9 KB)

Signed and completed forms can be emailed to: or brought to your nearest Council Service Centre.

Any dog exceeding 3 months of age must be registered.

Registration form | Register New Dogs

Council allows current members of Dogs New Zealand (formerly NZ Kennel Club) be included within the Preferred Owner registration categories and a new ‘Dogs NZ’ Rural Domestic Dog category be introduced.

Preferred Owner Status is a special dog owner status that recognises good, responsible dog owners and entitles them to a reduced annual dog registration fee. Your dog must be registered for at least a year before you are eligible to apply for the Preferred Owner Status.

Applications for Preferred Owner Status must be made after the second week of August, and before the last Friday in April, to be eligible for the reduce fee for the following registration year. All approvals are subject to a satisfactory property inspection and administrative checks.

You can get the forms from your nearest Council Service Centre or download the form below:

Application Form | Preferred Dog Owner Status

Preferred owner status may be revoked if paid after 1 August. If revoked, the applicable dog registration fee will apply.

The first 5 working dogs per owner are at full working dog fee ($60.00) subsequent dogs are $6.

Farmers with more than 5 working dogs that were eligible for reduced fees last year, please contact us as soon as possible if you have had changes to your dog registration details i.e.; if you have any deceased, transferred, or new dogs.

If you currently have 5 working dogs but expect to add to that number, please notify us as soon as possible with the following forms:

Notification form | Dog Transfer Notification

Registration form | Register New Dogs

Application form | Refund Application & Deceased Dog Notification

Please send the completed forms to:

Contacting our teams early is important so that we can process your upcoming dog registration fees swiftly.

When you move between districts, you also need to transfer your dog’s registration. There are a few simple steps to follow to do this.

If you move to the Tararua district just bring your current dog registration tag/s to one of the Council service centres. You will then be given a registration form where you fill in your current address and owner details. Following this, a Tararua District Council registration tag will be given in exchange, free of charge.

When a person moves out of the Tararua district the dog owner must advise Tararua District Council of this change (to avoid any issues in the next registration period). After this, the owner should take their dog's current registration tag to the new district’s council office to exchange.