Community-Led Development

The key outcome for this activity is for all local communities in the Tararua District to develop a Community-Led Development Plan, or “Community Plan”, that details the community’s key aspirations, and the desired projects that will deliver outcomes for these aspirations. Plans will also share a brief history, demographics, and key assets of the community.

CLD is driven by each community, can take a long period of time to become an embedded practice and may take various twists and turns as part of the journey. This is to be expected.

CLD is a widely supported practice, particularly among philanthropic (charitable) trusts and agencies. It demonstrates community collaboration and can assist in attracting funding for the various projects developed as part of the plan.

Locally-Led Community Plans in the Tararua District:

While there are no finalised plans available for viewing at the moment, you can stay informed about the progress of individual community plans. The status and contact details for communities actively engaged in the planning process, including Norsewood, Pahiatua, Eketāhuna, and Woodville, are provided below.

As these plans reach completion, they will be uploaded to this page for easy download or reading. If you're eager to delve into the details of your town's Community Plan, reach out to your local community board or community committee.

Norsewood Community Plan

STATUS: Preparing the draft document

CONTACT: Norsewood Promotions Committee

Pahiatua Community Plan

STATUS: Waiting for 2023 Census data to be released in May 2024 to complete document

CONTACT: Explore Pahiatua Committee

Eketāhuna Community Plan

STATUS: Preparing a draft document

CONTACT: Eketāhuna Community Board

Woodville Community Plan

STATUS: Just getting started on the journey

CONTACT: Positively Woodville Committee