Council Service Centres Getting a Facelift

The earthquake strengthening of Council’s Dannevirke and Pahiatua service centres will begin shortly. The objective is to improve the earthquake rating of the Council service centres and to ensure a safe environment for staff and the public.

The Pahiatua Service Centre was built pre-1929 and has a Heritage New Zealand classification. After a seismic assessment the building was assessed at 10% of the New Building Standard and consequently deemed as earthquake prone. The planned earthquake strengthening will bring the building up to 67% of the new building standard, including an engineering solution utilising concealed steel reinforcement that keeps the character of the building.

The Dannevirke Service Centre was built in 1963 and has been altered several times since. After seismic assessments its earthquake rating was assessed as less than 34 per cent of the New Building Standards. The upcoming earthquake strengthening work will include masonry reinforcement and roof works.

How this affects our Council Service Centres:

Dannevirke Service Centre

From 20 December 2021, Customer Services will be temporarily relocating from 26 Gordon Street to the Tararua Business Network, 40 Denmark Street until further notice (Just across the road!). To help you know the change, there will be signs outside the Tararua Business Network, pointing you towards the new Customer Services entry. There will be no disruptions to our service during this time.

Pahiatua Service Centre

From 18 January 2022, the Pahiatua Customer Services team will be moving into the Pahiatua Town Hall/Library until around April 2022. We ask that customers please use the town hall entrance during this time. There will be no disruptions to our service during this time.

Please note that during the earthquake strengthening family members will still be able to visit the Niches located in the service centre at the Pahiatua Chambers by appointment only.

To book an appointment please contact Councillor Shirley Hull: or send a text message to 021 417044.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience over this time, and we will keep you up to date with any progress.