New district signage to promote Tararua District – the Land of Ranges

24 May  2021

Tararua District Council aims to improve district identity by installing 34 new signs in 13 towns across the district.
The signs are part of the Council’s new Land of Ranges branding campaign for the Tararua District, which aims to increase local pride, develop an identity to attract and retain residents and help with promotion to visitors.

“The Tararua district was established in 1989, however, it does not yet have a strong identity outside its boundaries. Many still refer to us as Northern Waiarapa or Southern Hawke’s Bay. The media also often refers to Tararua District incorrectly. We need to change this. Improved signage will contribute towards a stronger market recognition,” says Mark Maxwell, Tararua District Council’s Group Manager – Economic and Community Development.

Large landscape signs have already been erected on the Saddle Road, Pahiatua Track and the northern and southern ends of Route 52. New district entry and exit signs (4 meters high, 1 meter wide) will be installed at Norsewood and Eketahuna this summer, and at Woodville after the new State Highway 3 is built. Town signs will also be placed at entry points to 13 towns across the district.

The improved signage aims to create a more cohesive visual experience for Tararua and will replace the existing visitor signs progressively over time.

“The signs have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing, double-sided and bi-lingual. Through a series of consultations, communities have paid homage to their town’s characteristics by choosing the imagery and fitting colour schemes for the new signs,” says Mark.

The improved signage will help to boost Tararua District’s identity and increase the sense of belonging for the communities they represent. In addition, the signs will become a welcoming feature for visitors and a driver for economic development.
Our new signage is vibrant, modern and visually shows our beautiful landscape but also keeps the identity of each town with an image that is iconic to them. We want people to know when they enter and leave our places and district with great memories. We look forward to putting the Tararua District firmly on the map.

Mayor Tracey explains: “Visitors spend time here but are not familiar with our district’s name. We would like visitors to identify as having been in Tararua. We want them to remember the great time they have had here, and to be able to tell their friends and family where they have been. People will be more aware of where they have been, and more people will visit us. This will directly support local businesses.”