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Building and Consents  

Environmental Health

Animal Control

Alcohol Licensing



Planning / Resource Management


Building and Consents


Building Consent Steps 1 & 2: Accepting & Processing (900KB pdf)

Building Consent Steps 3 & 4: Inspecting & Certifying (900KB pdf)

Build It Right: Law Changes - 1 March 2012 (520KB pdf)

Building Consent and Services Fees can be found in Council's 2017/18 Fees and Charges (500KB pdf)

(Guide) Application for Building Consent (1.6MB)

(Guide) Certificate of Design Work (297KB pdf)

(Guide) Statutory Declaration Of Owner/Builder (528KB pdf)

(Guide) Notice of Owner/Builder (220KB pdf)

(Guide) Record of Building Work (282KB pdf)

(Guide) Certificate for Public Use (327KB pdf)

(Guide) Application for Extension of Time (184KB pdf)

(Guide) Application for Code Compliance Certificate (292KB pdf)

Application forms: Building Consents

(Form 2) Application for Building Consent (1.7MB)

(Form 2A) Certificate of Design Work (352KB pdf)

(Form 2B) Statutory Declaration Of Owner/Builder (405KB pdf)

(Form 2C) Notice of Owner/Builder (314KB pdf)

(Form 6A) Record of Building Work (336KB pdf)

(Form 15) Certificate for Public Use (370KB pdf)

(Form 2CS) Specified Systems Checklist (65KB pdf)

(Form 2SF) Solid Fuel Appliance Application (230KB pdf)

(Form 11) Compliance Schedule Amendment (90KB pdf) 

Application for Extension of Time (272KB pdf)

Application for Code Compliance Certificate (404KB pdf)

Application for Notification of Change of Building Use (70KB pdf)

Application forms: Independent Qualified Persons

Independent Qualified Person Application (240KB) 

Independent Qualified Person Renewal (195KB)

Application forms: Service Connections

Water / Sewer / Stormwater Connection Application (155KB)

Disconnection of Services Form (120KB)

Application forms: Other

Vehicle Crossing Application (150KB)

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Environmental Health

Application forms: Food Business / Food Stall

Food Business Registration - One Site Only (183KB)

Food Business Registration - More Than One Site (234KB)

Food Business Change of Details - Renewal or Registration (145KB)

Food Stall Application (150KB)

Scope of Operations (485KB)

Application forms: Camping Grounds, Funeral Directors & Hairdressers

Camping Ground Registration (130KB)

Funeral Parlour Registration (130KB)

Hairdresser Registration (130KB)

Application forms: Other

Amusement Device Permit (20KB)

Offensive Trade Operator Registration (120KB) 

Public Trading Application (130KB)

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Animal Control


Dog Owners Handbook (550KB)

Application forms

Dog Registration Form (170KB)

Preferred Dog Status Application (185KB)

Application to Keep More Than Three Dogs (200KB)

Deceased Dog Notification / Application for Refund (150KB)

Application for Name and Address of Registered Owner of Dog (90KB)

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Alcohol Licensing


What is a Special Licence? (125KB)

Application forms: Licences

Club Licence Application (316KB)

Club Licence Renewal (286KB)

Off Licence Application (606KB)

Off Licence Renewal (255KB)

On Licence Application (618KB)

On Licence Renewal (380KB)

Special Licence Application - On-site (337KB)

Public Notice of Application (85KB)

Variation of Conditions Application (325KB) 

Temporary Authority Application (160KB)

Application forms: Certificates

Managers Certificate Application (168KB)

Managers Certificate Renewal (90KB)

Application for Building Certificate (180KB)

Application for Certificate Under the Resource Management Act (170KB)

Application forms: Other

Notice of Management Change (165KB)

Objection to Alcohol Licence Application (160KB)

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Application forms

Burial Warrant Application (95KB)

Reserved Plot Application (92KB)

Tombstone Application (143KB)

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Application forms

LIM Application

Merge Rating Units Application (190KB)

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Planning / Resource Management

Application forms

Certificate of Compliance (185KB)

Resource Consent Application Form (155KB)

Written Approval of Affected Persons (85KB)

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Application forms

Application to Register No Spray Zone (140KB)

Temporary Road Closure Application (95KB)

Community Signboards Application (120KB)

Marquee Hire Application (100KB)

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