Dannevirke Multisport Complex - the next steps

The Dannevirke Multisport Complex Inc (DMCI) thanks the community for their support during the recent gathering of information for the Feasibility Study.

The Feasibility Study is now complete and indicates there is a need in Dannevirke for an upgrade of sporting facilities and it is suggested the best way to do this for our community is to create a Community Hub. The proposed site for the new Community Hub is the Upper Domain in Dannevirke.

These are exciting times for our town and we would like to acknowledge those people that have fought for this for many years. There have been many people before the current committee that have been trying to build our community, we would like to say to them - we are finally getting closer thanks to your initial hard work.

The DMCI has a number of steps and some hurdles to get through over the next few years. We look forward to working with the community to get this major town changing project come to fruition. Although this project is exciting, we also understand that it will be challenging as well.

Our first step is to install an activation plan into our community and we are looking for an outstanding, motivated, full of life person to help us do this. This Activation Manager will be innovative and keen to work with our tamariki and whānau. We see this role as a part time role moving to full time with an opportunity to be part of a history making venture in our Dannevirke!

If you have any questions regarding our upcoming Community Hub, are interested in being involved, or would like to be considered for the Activation Manager Role, then please contact the DMCI committee at; 2015DMCI@gmail.com