Public Notice: Tararua District Reserves Management Plan

Published on 31 August

Tararua District Council (the Council) is proposing to prepare a reserves management plan for all reserves, domains and park areas they have decision-making responsibility for.

The reserves management plan will include reserve land held subject to the Reserves Act 1977 and Local Government Act 2002.

In accordance with section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977 the Council gives notice of its intention to undertake a comprehensive review of the existing Dannevirke Domain Reserve Management Plan and Akitio Reserve Management Plan to create one integrated Reserves Management Plan for the Tararua District.

The Council invites the public to respond to the online survey or submit written suggestions on matters that you would like considered in the plan.

For more information and to provide feedback, please head over to our webpage or email comments to Fontayne Chase, Facilities Manager, via email before 4pm on Sunday, 8 October.

Comments collected through this process will be considered when preparing the Draft Tararua District Reserves Management Plan, which is intended to be released for public submissions in early 2024.