Let’s make sure our wai does not run dry

Published 23 Jan 2024

Throughout the Tararua district, water usage in the last weeks has been much higher than average and Council have had to raise (or maintain) restriction levels in some of our towns.

Especially in Pahiatua and Eketāhuna demand has been very high. As a result Alternate Day restrictions have been put in place for both towns. This means that that handheld hoses (including sprinklers, and water blasters) are only allowed on alternate days, i.e. houses with even street numbers on even days and houses with odd street numbers on odd days.

Woodville remains on Alternate Day Restrictions as demand has not reduced significantly since being raised last week. There is a Total Outdoor Ban in place for Ākitio.

As yet, there are no water restrictions in place for Dannevirke, however, to avoid possible water restrictions in the near future, water usage has to be reduced by all.

Our water teams are consistently monitoring the current weather, long-term rain forecast and average consumption, as well as river levels throughout the district.

Water usage in our daily lives adds up fast, meaning that we have had to tap into our stored water. This stored water is critical for getting through long dry periods which could lie ahead of us. The best way to avoid water restrictions, or to have them quickly removed is water conservation. Please refer to this page for handy tips on how to conserve water.

Please also regularly check the Bush Telegraph, council’s facebook page, and the Water Restrictions Signs to find out what water restriction level you’re in, and what each water restriction level means.

Make sure you have enough water for yourself, your family and your pets/animals in case of emergencies. Store at least a 3-day supply of water for each person and each pet.

Water conservation starts at home!
Usage of water in and around the house adds up to some big numbers. Did you know that in our district on average each person uses 250-300 litres of water per day?

Fortunately, you can significantly reduce your water usage through these helpful tips you can use throughout your home.